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Old 11-02-2009, 04:03 AM
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Default Random Dreams

I don't know about anyone else, but for some strange reason I have really really weird dreams that I can remember is some what vivid clarity. Some of these dreams border or sheer horrific nightmares and others are just so intricate and twisted. And to make things worse, a lot of the things i dream about have nothing to do with anything thats happened to me in reality.

I was up early this morning doing a bit of study, and after a while I decided I'd go for a bit of a nap. And then BAM... the dream..

From what i can recall:

First scene: I was involved with an investigation with the police as i was a sole witness to some form of burglary and murder. I don't know why, as i didn't see what happened and i didn't see any murder. I kept getting questioned, but i kept denying i knew anythingh. I was going to be held as long as it takes for me to cooperate i was told.

Flash to 2nd scene: all i saw was an old scraggly lady, with two dogs. And it was weird because it seems i was the one that was 'burgled' by the old women. I was wearing a back pack at the time, and for some unknown reason there was a black tin in my bag that was locked by key. A key i didn't have. She tried to take it from me, and even though i was surprised i even had it, and i didn't even know what was in it, i fought her off and ran.

Flash to another scene where im walking through a somewhat deserted ally way, with only one room that was lit, window open and i could see right through. As i got closer i realised there was some guy standing outside. doing nothing. just waiting. i looked at him, he looked at me, he nodded to and said "she's a fine piece isn't she?". Confused i turned away from him only to see in full view, a girl, naked, with some dirty old guy, about to do the deed. I hate to say it, but that guy was right. She was absolutely gorgeous, yet she had that look on her face. A look of loneliness, a look of worry, anxiousness, nervousness. I couldn't quite pin point what that look was. I was somewhat angry, and jealous to a point. I looked over at her again and smiled. See saw me, and her face seemed to just change completely, she smiled back and we stared at each other for a while, and then she moved out of view. At this point i was become somewhat attached to this girl i didnt even know. Next thing i can recall, old dirty guy comes out and then that guy that was outside goes into the same door, and i see him walk passed the open window.. I can't believe it ... she was a prostitute. i was totally crushed. i wanted to hate her now, but for some reason that just made me feel even more strongly attached to her. so i waited until that guy came out and i went in. She was sitting in the corner with her head down. I walked up to her and she looked up. The only thing i could remember asking her was "WHY?" and then she burst into tears. I felt so sad for her, and i comforted her until she stopped crying. She then proceeded to hand over her nights taking, telling me to have it. I didn't know what to do, but i refused saying that she needed it more than me. But eventually she persuaded me to keep a handful of coins she had, and told me to remember her. She reached over and grabbed a familar dirty old black tin and put the coins in it. i walked out of the building and out of the alley way. I recall her running back out to give me something. Assuming she was going to give me more of her wage that night, i refused to take any more than what i had already taken. The thing she was trying to hand me was something round.. sort of like a large coin. But i refused and continued on my way.

Flash back to the interogation office. The detective shows me a piece of evidence. Somethign that was found at the scene of the murder. There were 3 keys. Clueless i told him that they meant nothing to me. But then the detective somehow moved the three keys into an interlocking position which formed a circular shape. Like a large coin.......It finally clicked and i get a flashback of when the girl tried to hand me that last item and i rejected it.

I reached into my bag and found that same old black tin. Took it out and tried to unlock it. Both the first, and second keys wouldn't open it. But the last one did. Inside the tin where coins. I remembered the image of her handing the coins over to me and saying "remember me".

Then i woke up...

And now i feel really weird because i got really attached to some random girl i saw in a dream. I swear some of my dreams are so detailed i could probably make a movie out of them....

Anyway sorry for ranting. Anyone else have really weird ass dreams?
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Old 11-02-2009, 05:40 PM
Rob Rob is offline
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I used to have weird dreams all the time as a kid, but I don't think I've had any recently.
If there'd been something on the TV or in the newspaper that had spooked me, I used to have nightmares about that. Quite a lot to worry about in the early '90s...
Having said that, my dreams are rarely nightmares, just crazy crap that doesn't make the slightest bit of sense. They usually look like a Pink Floyd video lol.

Last edited by Rob; 11-02-2009 at 08:37 PM.
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Old 11-10-2009, 07:18 PM
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Join Date: Oct 2008
Posts: 362
Baji192 is on a distinguished road

just had another one of these weird dreams. I can't remember quite as clearly as the last, but this is sorta how it went.

The protagonists:
- The school teacher
- The cop
- The father
- The drunk
- The bystander
and lastley - the boy (son to the father)

The first scene starts off in a bar, with all these characters (minus the father and son). The school teacher is there, drowning her sorrows after a bad day at school with the kids. The drunk, stumbling around the room, noone really taking much notice of him. The cop (probably more security guard than cop) was on patrol. Quiet night, not that many people in the bar.

Then in comes the father. he walks in, pass the cop, they exchange glances and acknowledge each other with a nod. The father looks down, like something's playing on his mind. But again, no probably no different from all the other sad depressed souls in the bar.

All of a sudden he pulls out a gun. Cue dramatic music, and matrix style slow-mo bullets firing through the air. Splaaattt!! Right into the drunk. He stumbles and struggles to get back up. The cop sees this, yet somehow armed, decides against doing anything. The father and cop exchange glances and the cop gives the father a nod, somehow suggesting his approval. Then the last bullet gets fired, hits the drunk square in the head. He falls over and is laying on the ground dead.

The only people who see this all unfold were the cop, the father, the teacher, and a bystander who happened to walk pass at that moment.

The father walks out of the bar and dissappears. The cop continues on as if nothing ever happened. The teacher sits in shock. The bystander quietly leaves the scene clearly distressed. Yet nothing is done. No ambulance was called, no police nothing!

Next scene:

now the dream flashes to each protagonists life.

She is in a highschool teaching some very undeserving kids. They argue, they bicker, they don't really do too much work. She knows she can't change their attitude so she deliberately trys to teach them the wrong things and generally tries to give them a bad as time as they give her. In her mind she is thinking "**** these kids". A male student asks her a rhetorical question, she gets pissed off and verbally abuses him. he storms out of class room.

The bystander:
She is very distressed after seeing a murder. She doesn't know what to do, whether to contact authorities or not. But she is afraid for her life, what if the man comes and tries to kill her too? She seeks refuge at home, locked up away from society, in order to bury her guilt and continue life as if nothing ever happened. Nothing happened if i pretend i didn't see it right???

The cop:
This flashback was through the eyes of the cop during the incident. He ses the man pull out the gun..he sees his intention, yet although armed himself, decides against any action. He even felt compelled to give the man approval for taking the last shot. why? although not clear at this stage, he didn't do anythign, because he understood the motive for the shooting.

the drunk and the boy:

A young highschool boy is seen running out of the school gates, angry, emotional and oblivious to all going on around him. why was he out of school? who knows. perhaps he got into an arguement with the teacher? he decides school is not where he wants to be right now and crosses the road in his journey to some place else.

Out of nowhere, a car comes hurtling around the corner, right into the path of the boy, knocking him out instantly. A man stumbles out, clearly under the influence. he sees what he has done. he looks around. noone is there. there are no witneses to what he has done. He takes the body and dumps it. and continues on his way.

2nd Last scene:

through the eyes of the father (person who pulled the trigger at the start). he is standing inside a stairwell. knocking at an apartment door. the door opens. standing there is the bystander. The man raises his arm which reveals the gun. the girl screams and in panic knocks the man backwards, causing him to fall down the large flight of stairs. He has broken several limbs and dropped the gun. She runs down, sees the gun, picks it up, and shoots him in the head. he is laying dead in the stairwell. She is sitting beside him, crying. she contemplates taking her own life.

why didn't she contact authorities in the first place? now when the police show up, what is she going to say? she has murdered someone.

she points the gun to her head and pulls the trigger.

Last scene:

The teacher is in her apartment, she turns on the tv to watch the news. On the news there is a story about how a woman has been taken into custody for the murder of a man. then there is another report about how a young boy had been murdered, showing an interview with a policeman (looked to be the same one as in the bar) revelaing that he feels for the family who lost their son, as he too has recently lost his own.

flash back to the man laying dead in the stairwell. the dream ends with me in his eyes laying dead on the ground. I wake up to my alarm.

seriously.. where the **** do these random dreams come from?

funny thing is, before i went to bed, i was reading about "ethics".
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