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Old 11-01-2007, 03:17 PM
driven by design driven by design is offline
Join Date: Jan 2007
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driven by design is on a distinguished road
Default Driven By Design Gallery

I've finally decided to sit down and get some of my stuff together for a gallery here on CSS. I've launched my own site as well ( and will be featuring the same stuff in this gallery on that site, along with design resources like links to tutorials and other artist galleries. Enjoy.

I've always believed that the Buick brand had the potential to assume a strong place in the domestic market as a builder of stylish, powerful, and affordable premium vehicles while at the same time shedding themselves of the association as a manufacturer of rolling sanctuaries for the elderly. The fact that General Motors is finally beginning to invest money into the Buick brand is a wonderful breath of fresh air, but I also think Buick still needs a midsize sedan that people will actually lust for. A sedan that brings back the elegance and class of the Buicks of yesteryear. The 2006 Enclave is a fantastic proclamation of Buick's new design vocabulary, and I know that many of its characteristics would transition beautifully to a smaller sedan. The LeSabre name may have been dropped during the transition to a new product line with all-new names, but I think it would be a fitting tribute to resurrect this elegant nameplate and attach it to a genuinely sharp sedan. This concept would likely be a corporate twin to the Saturn Aura and Chevrolet Malibu, built on the same Epsilon platform but available with GM's 3.6L direct-injection LLT V6 producing around 300hp. This would slot it well above the Saturn and Chevy in terms of power and packaging in the GM product family. Plans for a "Super" version of this car wouldn't be out of the question either, as it could easily accomodate the same 5.3L LS4 V8 found in the current Buick LaCrosse Super. Significant characteristics on this design include an emphasis on front and rear fender flares to convey a sense of foundation and road stance, as well as a Buick's signature tumbling waterfall grille. Not present on this sketch are the requisite Buick portholes along the bonnet, although if this sketch ever becomes a rendered illustration, they will surely make an appearance. I really hope we'll see a model from Buick with these kinds of sporting attributes one of these days ...

These ideas serve as an exploration of the brand's latest endeavor to create larger vehicles exclusively for the North American market. Mazda's reputation as a builder of small and nimble cars has served as the muse for their memorable "Zoom-Zoom" campaign, and as any Mazda owner (myself included) will tell you, these cars are more about responsive handling and spirited driving than unbridled horsepower and seat-gripping acceleration. Mazda has mastered that great intangible inherent to a fun driving experience. I'm a huge fan of the brand and enjoy experimenting with new interpretations of their unique style. As such, I've taken the latest indicators of their move toward larger vehicles like the CX-7 and CX-9 SUVs as a sign that they might once again also consider building a full-size coupe or coupe-like sedan similar to the departed Millennia/929/Eunos/Xedos (it sure had a lot of different names). The Mazda 7 is what I picture as a larger sedan that would slot underneath a Mazda 9 sedan, though with a lower coupe-like profile that incorporates elements from their other vehicles, specifically the RX-8's smaller rear-hinged doors and rear shoulder haunches of the CX models. The 6 Coupe on the right owes more of its look to cars like the Nissan Skyline than to the Mazda 6, but it is indicative of my belief that Mazda would sell boatloads worth of a midsize two-door competitor to the coupe versions of Honda's Accord, Toyota's Camry Solara, and Nissan's Altima.

Modified by driven by design at 4:48 PM 11/1/2007

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Old 11-01-2007, 05:36 PM
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MarioBro88 MarioBro88 is offline
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Default Re: Driven By Design Gallery (driven by design)

Driven By Design:

Buick LeSabre: Stunning, flowing curves make this sketch a beautiful, beyond-Buick design that General Motors could only wish they had created. Its stylish, luxurious exterior proves that there is potential when designing a Buick, though many disbelieve this. Usually, when the name 'Buick' is brought up, adjectives such as 'old', or 'boring,' are mentioned. This car you have designed does not give me that idea. What I see is 'graceful, inovative thinking. True beauty at some of its best.' Brilliant job!

Mazda 7/Mazda 3 Coupe: I find this design 'near the expiration date.' I like your style and elements put into the car, but the grille and headlights take away from that. They honestly look like they came off of a Mazda Millenia, or so it reminds me. Good sketch, but not the best design I have seen frm you.

Overall: 8.5/10


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