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Old 04-27-2005, 09:40 PM
Gallo Gallo is offline
New Member
Join Date: Jan 2005
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Default Duesenberg re-born?!!!

Hi, I found this info in a mexican website (automovilonline, the website for Automovil Panamericano, maybe the best mexican magazine in Mexico), it said that the Duesenberg could be re-born with a new luxury coupe, there is a sketch of how maybe could it be.
The article said that this model, called Duesenberg Torpedo Coupe, will go out to the market in 2007. The name belongs to the Duesenberg Custom Couch company, who have the trade mark of the name. The design go with Teague Design, leading by Jeff Teague, who was former designer for Volkswagen, Mitsubishi and Ford. The new model share platform with the Mercedes Benz CLS, with an experimental V12 from E.P. Industries
You could check this article and the sketch, one of the first ideas, in this link below.

PD. I don't know if this is the correct place to post it, if I'm wrong, please redirect the topic. Thanks.

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Old 04-28-2005, 08:51 AM
Santeno's Avatar
Santeno Santeno is offline
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I did a little research and came up with this:

Quote »

An attempt is underway to revive the Duesenberg brand, a name associated with the fastest American car in 1935, the legendary Model J. The new Duesy, which is slated to hit market in 2007, then debut at the Detroit Auto Show, is called the Torpedo Coupe and will be launched as a luxurious supercoupe.

The old Duesenberg trademark is owned by a company called Duesenberg Custom Coach. They are planning to employ a wealth of talent including Teague Design Inc. to style the car and E.P. Industries, Inc. to power it.

Teague Design is led by Jeff Teague who has designed for Volkswagen, Mitsubishi and Ford, but the Duesenberg would be his most outrageous model yet. His first sketches reveal a sleek, long coupe that lends lines from teardrop French designs from the thirties.

The new Torpedo Coupe will share its platform with the Mercedes CLS 500, and will be powered by an experimental E.P. Industries V12 that will focus on engine efficiency and reduction of moving parts.

A project like the Duesenberg Torpedo Coupe is an ambitious task, especially compared to Bugatti with their recent quad turbo Veyron troubles which have become a liability to investors. Money aside, the Torpedo Coupe and Veyron still look like some of the most stunning and powerful supercars to be released this decade.

Here's a bit more info:

Since this is just rumors for now, I think we'll leave it in this section until something more concrete appears.

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Old 04-28-2005, 06:21 PM
Verdegrrl Verdegrrl is offline
Join Date: Dec 2004
Posts: 212
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Default Re: Duesenberg re-born?!!! (Gallo)

Not the first attempt, no doubt not the last.

I think there was another attempt later, but couldn't find it in a quick search.

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Old 04-28-2005, 08:27 PM
Roadster44 Roadster44 is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2004
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lol I love the fancy 8track setup in pics.
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Old 12-28-2005, 02:42 PM
DSC-OFF's Avatar
DSC-OFF DSC-OFF is offline
CSS Veteran
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The iconic Duesenberg name, associated with the fastest car in the US in 1935, the Model J, could be revived. If it happens, it'll be in the shape of a luxury super-coupe, the Torpedo Coupe, in 2007 - - and with a radical engine technology.

Designed by Jeff Teague, it'll be a four-seater with a unique engine. According to one source, it uses a CEM (Cylindrical Energy Module) engine.

Wassat? It's "an air-cooled, self lubricating, forced-air inducted (supercharged), 12-cylinder, double ended, ported, multi-fuelled, four-stroke engine", and it's made by Eddie Paul Industries. Despite its 300bhp output, it's said to return 70 mpg from a package weighing a mere 45Kg -- a power-to-weight ratio that's unparalleled. It's tiny too, at 18 inches in diameter and 24 inches long. There's more about it on the EPI site.

Other details on the car are sparse though, and you have to wonder if this will ever see the light of day. If it does, though, expect to see the US auto industry line up to kill it: Ford and GM don't want to see their established technology challenged, unless it's by their own R&D departments.

Fascinating design, thisll make quite an interesting sound. Few bits..self emissions? torque? And, based on that photo above, it says that this will be a 4-seater, how? (i understand its too early to tell & its just a preliminary sketch from an outsource). Its an interesting concept, although for me to deem this to be acceptable, it has to be over the top like Duesies of the past, it hasnt quite reached that with this notion


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Old 12-28-2005, 02:55 PM
Soul Man Soul Man is offline
Veteran Member
Join Date: Dec 2004
Posts: 289
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Default Re: (jesse)

i did soem research on this type of engine a few weeks ago, and it is really quite a cool little thing. the company that produces it has an animation and when you first see it it will really confuse you in how it produces an ability to spin a crankshaft, but once you view it a few more times you get at least most of it (theres stilla few questions i have of it though), it really is cool, and its size and weight savings are insane. i mean on paper 12 S/C cylinders making 300 hp sounds liek sh!t, but when you see its size and realize how little it weighs, its really insane, assuming this car does go into production, and duesenberg doesnt place everyavailable weight creating feature in it, this car could be a very quick (due to its potential and probable low weight) very well balanced (due to the engines small size and low weight it will be able to creat a nice weight distribution) and still should offer enough luxuries to make this a prime touring car. even if this doesnt go into production i would really like ot see a company use this CEM. hey mazda youve kept the wankel rotary alive, maybe you can bring a CEM to market as another form of lightweight highly revolutionary engine
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Old 12-28-2005, 03:58 PM
DSC-OFF's Avatar
DSC-OFF DSC-OFF is offline
CSS Veteran
Join Date: Dec 2004
Posts: 1,261
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Default Re: (Soul Man)

Is it anything like that? Id like the link to that animation please (or is it the same one in Jalopnik?). Low friction materials sound awesome, but couple that with high temperatures & ICEs and what do you get? Unless the engine is made of polytetrafluoroethylene resin..then id see where the self-lubricating claims come from. If you ask me..either the engine-theory wont see the light of day, or the whole entire car wont, weve heard about all these revivals in the past, how many of them really come to life? Much less with these intricacies. I guess well be hearing from Cord, Auburn & Auto Union soon..

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Old 12-28-2005, 04:04 PM
StevenZoz's Avatar
StevenZoz StevenZoz is offline
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It looks like the Maybach Excelero(?) concept
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Old 12-28-2005, 04:20 PM
IcedG35's Avatar
IcedG35 IcedG35 is offline
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Default Re: (stevenzoz)

Quote, originally posted by stevenzoz »
It looks like the Maybach Excelero(?) concept

I was just thinking that too. I'd be surprised if Merc contributes to this considering it would be direct competition for the Excelero, assuming some form of that will be produced at some point. Maybe I missed it but anyone know who is funding this or any affiliations? Will this be part of DCX?

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Old 12-28-2005, 04:24 PM
Soul Man Soul Man is offline
Veteran Member
Join Date: Dec 2004
Posts: 289
Soul Man is on a distinguished road
Default Re: (jesse)
theres the site of the manufacturer and that is specifically the animation.

i seriously dont see this car becoming a reality, ive heard to many things about the revival of duesenberg to many times, but this engine seems pretty cool and id liek to see it become a reality.

the site also makes it seem as though this engine has been used before and is a true reality, it just seems its not a mass produced reality

"Our CEM Company supplies laser-cooling pumps to major aerospace companies as well as products for other large corporations in the automotive, industrial, and environmental fields"-EP industries on there CEM engine

"The CEM's internal components can be machined from advanced thermoplastic-based resins with ultra-low friction characteristics." jesse here seems to be some explanation of the self lubrication of the CEM from the EP site.

Modified by Soul Man at 6:29 PM 12/28/2005

Modified by Soul Man at 6:35 PM 12/28/2005

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